A Unique Advertisement Model

The DFSP is now is now making room for a very limited number of sponsors to help support the show. Each sponsor receives a 15 second roll-in advertisement spot during the Podcast as well as a place for a banner link and tag line on the show notes page. There is a monthly flat fee to advertise based on unique downloads of podcast episodes. Sponsorship placement is rotated week-to-week to allow all sponsors equal placement.

Sponsorship on the DFSP is an endorsement and not all sponsors will be accepted. The DFSP is not in the advertising business. We are in the business of serving our fans and producing valuable content. Sponsors must align with our values and commitment to the DFIR community.  

There are a total of 3 POSITIONS for sponsors. Two positions have been claimed and DFSP is looking to fill the last spot.

Interested in becoming a Sponsor on the Podcast? Send an email now and learn more.
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The DFSP receives an average of 20,000 unique downloads a month and is growing at a steady pace. The DFSP is on all the major podcast platforms, such as:

  • iTunes

  • GooglePlay

  • iHeart Radio

  • Podbean

  • Stitcher

  • Libsyn

  • OverCast App

  • ..and more

The cost of sponsorship is currently set at $75 per weekly episode and payable on a monthly basis. This is a great value towards reaching a very talented audience.